Grow your web3 game business

Drive more revenue per player with Web3 native in-game rewards

Grow your web3 game business

Whether you need new players or want to improve your revenue, Nectar has you covered.

Maximize Revenue

Top grossing games worldwide use rewarded offers to generate up to 50% more revenue. Integrate the first web3-native solution to make more money per user.

Simply install the SDK and quickly add another layer to your monetization stack.

  • Players who engage with in-game offers generate a higher average revenue per user.
  • Gamers that interact with rewarded offers play longer and stay longer.
  • Analyze in-game monetization with our analytics portal.

Acquire new users

Find web3 native users that are real, active, and engaged.

  • Our unique web3 publisher community guarantees you get web3 users that want to explore the frontier you're creating.
  • Get predictable CPIs with measurable performance. No more influencer shilling and questionable follower counts.
  • Our leading web3 analytics portal combines on-chain and off-chain data to let you know what's working and what's not.

Level up your web3 growth stack

Add another layer to your growth tool belt with targeting, segmentation and analytics

Created to make finding web3 users easy

We've combined on-chain and off-chain data to make finding the right users for your dApp simple

  • Create a campaign in minutes
  • Target users that will maximize your ROI
  • Measure success with our analytics portal
  • Publish or advertise on any chain
Maximize revenue.
Get users.

Web3 native advertising by Nectar.
Powered by the Open Ads Protocol

Trusted by Top-tier product campanies

Powered by the Open Ads Protocol

We're creating a decentralized protocol that will make advertising on dApps transparent and open.

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Build on OAP

Start building the future of distribution in web3. Advertising networks, optimization and automation tools, analytics tools, bad actor protection and much more.

The first product built on OAP is Nectar. Nectar is a rewarded ad/monetization platform for web3 games that are building on the bleeding edge of game mechanics.

Building with Experience

Built by veterans with shipped product in Web 2 and web3.
Ad-tech, R&D teams on experiences at scale


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